PARS MOSHABAK CO. as one of the leading manufactures of metal products (shelves, warehouse equipment, metal objects cranes, etc.) with so years of valuable experience and expertise obtained in the above field through the utilization of modern technology and with a view to expanding its lines of activities in metal industry is pleased to introduce its potentialities in designing, planning and carrying out local or overseas projects and would like to offer its various services as follows :
1. Bolts & Nuts shelf Construction (Light & Semi - Heavy)
For stores, gaint department stores, super markets, warehouses : storing materials-spare parts, machineries parts, tools, in form of multifloors warehouses with metalic stairs and arrangment of suitable ceiling and hall - ways.
2. Heavy duty Shelving (Pallet Rack, Drive in Rack, Bulky Rack)
For warehouses of raw materials, products and heavy duty goods in various size and packages, with suitable capacities and weight endurance conforming to requirements of consumers and customers.
3. Elbow Like Shelf Arrangment (cantilever)
To be used for storing long and tall pieces of products such as Pipes, Profiles, Iron beams, Steel sheets, Forged iron / steel products.
4. Portable Shelf - Fabrication (on Rails)
For effeicient utilization of spaces, areas at Archive Filling quarters at governmental and private sectors Documents center, shops, factories, and Hospitals.
5. Super Market Shef - fabrication / Arrangments
Using suitable and beautiful designings for all kinds of Super Markets, department store and shops and also for chain store, etc.
6. All Kinds of metalic pallets
Flat pallet, box pallet, drum pallet, plastic pallet, bricks pallets etc. for goods storange and handling in various tonnages.
7. Grantings in various size
For oil refineries, petrochemical complexes, etc.
8. Mezzanien Floor
9. Elevator

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